Sunday 30 April 2017 – 9.30am for 10.00am

Don Pyatt Hall (within the Norwood Town Hall)

175 The Parade Norwood (entrance off George Street)


  1. Apologies
  2. Confirmation of Draft Minutes from the 2016 AGM
  3. President's report -  Ian Gilfillan
  4. Treasurer's Report & audited financial statements - Graham Pratt
  5. Nomination of Auditor
  6. Committee positions (to be vacated and re-filled - see below):  President, Secretary, Treasurer and up to 8 other members
  7. Park Lands Art Prize report – Hamish Ramsay
  8. School liaison report – Hero Weston (includes showing of 2 top-placed entries from APPA's 2016 Schools Short Film Competition)
  9. Social Media report - Shane Sody (includes Premiere of APPA's new animated film: “Activating the Park Lands”)
  10. Proposed Membership fees 2017-18
  11. Guest speaker:
    President of the Council of the National Trust of Australia (SA), Professor Norman Etherington (pictured below), who is one of the 31 eminent South Australians who have appealed to the State Government not to commercialise or privatise the Adelaide Park Lands.  He'll be speaking about the success of the National Trust's recent community activism - against State Government plans to drastically reduce protection for our built heritage.
Professor Norman Etherington

Professor Norman Etherington


If you would like printable documents, follow these links for separate PDF files:







If you are a financial member of APPA, you can nominate to be on the 2017-18 Committee.  If you're not sure whether or not you're a financial member, check with the Secretary, Shane Sody:   Under the Constitution, any nomination for a Committee position must be received no later than 7 days prior to the AGM;  i.e. by Sunday 23 April.   Therefore, if you'd like to be on the Committee you can't leave it until the date of the AGM to become a financial member, or restore your previous membership.   Do it now, at this link:

No special form is required to nominate yourself.   Snail mail is OK, but email is preferred:    A nominee needs a seconder.  If you haven't got a seconder, contact the Secretary to arrange one, but do that no later than 23 April.

Here's the Committee that was elected in April 2016.