State Election 2018 - question 4 - Stopping the shrinkage


The Adelaide Park Lands Preservation Association is campaigning for an amendment to the Adelaide Park Lands Act 2005 so that:

“Despite the provisions of any other Act, no additional alienation of the Park Lands may be undertaken unless a previously-alienated site of equivalent or greater size is returned to Park Lands." 

  • If you are elected, would you move a Bill containing such an amendment? 

  • Would you support such an amendment in a Bill moved by another member of Parliament?

4.Stop Shrinkage.JPG


SA LABOR - No response.    Party score:  0.


  •  "The State Liberals would have to carefully consider any such amendment."   Party score:  1


  • "Yes, but you would be smarter to get the Government of the day to do it, to maximise the chance of it passing.  If they won't, the Greens will."   Party score:  10

AUSTRALIAN CONSERVATIVES -  No response.  Party score: 0.

DIGNITY PARTY - 8 candidates responded individually, most in faovur:  Party score: 7

SA BEST - 3 candidates responded individually, two of them with a firm "yes":    Party score:  2


  • Duncan McFetridge,  (Independent candidate for Morphett) - "The suggested amendment is good but may not always be possible and so stop a very worthwhile project."
  • Bob Couch, Stop Population Growth Now, candidate for Legislative Council) - "Yes"