The best way to explore the Adelaide Park Lands is on foot as part of a Guided Walk.  See our Guided Walks schedule.

Below is a guide and links to information and/or photo albums for each of the named and numbered Parks that, in their entirety, make up the Adelaide Park Lands.  They form a figure-8 double garland around the city and North Adelaide, something unparalleled in any other city in the world.


That's not a clickable map above, but using the numbers as identifiers, you can scroll down to view any part of the Park Lands. 

The first 14 Parks, listed below, each have their own short video guide, and more videos are being gradually added. 

Several Parks have self-guided walking trail notes.  We are in the process of providing a web page, a video and a trail guide for every Park, but it's a gradual process to produce all these resources, one Park at a time.  Each of the links below gives you some snapshot info and resources about that part of the Park Lands.

Each of the Parks listed above has its own page on our website, with links to other resources.

The six Squares (listed below) don't (yet) have their own page on our website (we're working on it!) but each pic below is a link to a photo album:

Every day, we publish an Adelaide Park Lands 'photo of the day'.  The 'photo of the day' is posted every morning on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Flickr.   

Every month, we publish an Adelaide Park Lands 'video of the month' featuring one Park.  The video is posted on our YouTube channel,  on Facebook, and on the relevant Park's page of this website. So far (to August 2018) we've done videos for Parks 1 through to 14.   The video for Park 15 is in production, and others will follow, with a new one each month.

The 'photo of the day' has been running since May 2014, so there are many hundreds of Adelaide Park Lands photos.   The best way to browse them is to visit our Flickr photo album where, in addition to the daily photo stream, each photo is assigned to one of 36 'albums'  (as above) corresponding to:

  • each one of the 30 named Parks; and
  • each of the 6 named squares.

We also maintain a guide to Park Land Alienations over the years.