The best way to explore the Adelaide Park Lands is on foot as part of a Guided Walk.  See our Guided Walks schedule.

Below is a guide and links to photo albums for each of the named and numbered Parks that, in their entirety, make up the Adelaide Park Lands.  They form a figure-8 double garland around the city and North Adelaide, something unparalleled in any other city in the world.

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That's not a clickable map above, but you can click on any one of the photos below to zoom into a photo album or other resources for each Park. 

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Park 1

English Name:  Possum Park

Kaurna name:  Pirltawardli

Features:  North Adelaide Golf Courses (3 of them: north, south, and Park 3)

APPA's Park 1 video:

APPA's Park 1 photo album:


Park 2

English Name:  Denise Norton Park

Kaurna name:  Pardipardinyilla

Features:  Adelaide Aquatic Centre, tennis courts, three sporting fields (including home ground and pavilion used by Blackfriars Priory College)

APPA's Park 2 video:

APPA's Park 2 photo album:

Park 3

Park 4

English name:  Reservoir Park

Kaurna name:  Kangatilla

Features:  underground water reservoir, electricity substation, native vegetation, dog off-leash area, Park Lands trail

APPA's Park 4 video:

APPA's Park 4 photo album:

Denise Norton Park / Pardipardinyilla is bounded by Jeffcott Rd, Prospect Rd, Fitzroy Tce and Barton Tce West. This park has been depleted by one major alienation: the Adelaide Aquatic Centre and associated car park.

Pardipardinyila in the Kaurna language means "swimming place".

Click here to see a 3-minute video of this Park:

Bundey's Paddock / Tidlangga is bounded by Bundeys Road, MacKinnon Parade and Park Terrace.  Historically this Park was known as “Bundey’s Paddock” in the 1880s.

Tidlangga in the Kaurna language means the place where the "tidla' (a bulbous root vegetable) is found.

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Josie Agius Park / Wikaparntu Wirra is bounded by Goodwood Rd, Greenhill Rd and Anzac Highway. It includes dozens of netball courts.

"Aunty" Josie Agius (1934-2015) was a prominent Kaurna elder who supported girls’ sport.

Wikapartnu Wirra means 'netball park' in the Kaurna language.  Click the image at left to see photos of this Park.

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