• Did you get married in Veale Gardens or in Rymill Park?

  • Did you win a netball title in Edwards Park?

  • Have you ever hit a hole-in-one at the North Adelaide golf course?

  • Did you meet your best friend at the North Adelaide Dog Park?

Chances are, some part of the Adelaide Park Lands holds a special memory for you.

Please tell us about it - in just 15 seconds or less. Stand in your favourite spot and tell us, on camera, why it's special to you.

We're offering a chance at fame for the best 12 selfie micro-videos and a new 6th-generation iPad wifi, 128 Gb, silver. (Retail price $599) for the one that moves the judges the most.

But don't delay - entries close on 29 March.  See the details below.
Use the hashtag #adelparklandslove

We want YOUR passion - in 15 seconds or less - and we're offering a new 6th-generation iPad wifi, 128 Gb, silver. (Retail price $599) to entice you.

Facing any video camera, just tell us:

  • Why I love the Park Lands; OR

  • Why I love this Park (that I'm standing in); OR

  • What I remember about this Park (that I'm standing in).

Upload your micro-video to Facebook, Instagram, Youtube or any other platform with the hashtag #adelparklandslove

Closing date: Friday 29 March 2019

Win an iPad6-800x600 v2.png

12 finalists

will each win an APPA Retro fleecy picnic blanket 170 x 130 cm (valued at $40) and their clips will each be included in an APPA video "Adel Park Lands Love" to be released in mid-April.

Main prize

From these 12 finalists, the best entry of all will win a new 6th-generation iPad wifi, 128 Gb, silver. (Retail price $599) https://www.apple.com/au/shop/buy-ipad/ipad-9-7/128gb-silver-wifi

Judging - the criteria

  • Don't describe a Park - just say why you LOVE it or why it holds special significance for you.   It's about you, your memory or your connection to the place.  Choose your words carefully.

  • Judges will be looking for emotion or feelings that will inspire others to love the Park Lands too.

  • The clip can't be any longer than 15 seconds.  Anything longer is automatically ineligible to be a finalist. Edit or re-record it, if necessary.

  • The sound and picture has to be clear. We need to see you facing the camera and hear what you're saying.

  • Preferably shoot the clip in a Park Lands setting (an area you love!) but another background can be used if you prefer.

The Judges

The shortlist of 12 finalists will be determined by APPA's WOMADelaide stall organising sub-Committee.   Members of this sub-Committee and their immediate families are ineligible for prizes.

The final winner will be decided by majority vote at APPA's Annual General Meeting on 28 April 2018 after a screening of the finished video, featuring all finalists.