Park 16


English name:  Victoria Park

Kaurna name:  Pakapakanthi (meaning "to trot")


  • in the northern part: historic buildings related to more than 160 years of horse racing;

  • in the central part: sporting fields, and

  • in the southern part: the South Park Lands creek, and open woodland revegetation.

This Park also plays a central role in the Adelaide 500 motor race in March, and the international equestrian three-day event in November.

Bounded byWakefield Road, Fullarton Road, Greenhill Road and Beaumont Road.

Victoria Park / Pakapakanthi (Park 16)

Victoria Park / Pakapakanthi (Park 16)

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APPA’s Park Ambassador Rose Wight (pictured) hosts a guided walk through this Park once per year, in the spring time. The next one is due in late 2019

Alternatively, take your own self-guided walk at any time, with 'Adelaide City Explorer':

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Victoria Park’s history and development is linked to the horse racing and motor racing events which have dominated its use.

This Park retains its shape and form as originally laid out by Colonel William Light in 1837. Covering 72 hectares, it represents about 10% of the entire Adelaide Park Lands , the largest single Park within them.


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