Park 27A

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English name:  John E. Brown Park

Kaurna name:  This Park has no Kaurna name

Features:   the River Torrens/ Karrawirra Parri, the Bunyip trail, Deceased Workers Memorial Forest

Bounded by:  the River Torrens/ Karrawirra Parri, the Outer Harbour railway line, and Park Terrace at Bowden

  John E. Brown Park (Park 27A)

John E. Brown Park (Park 27A)

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  John E. Brown Park (Park 27A)

John E. Brown Park (Park 27A)

John Ednie Brown (1848-1899) was a sylviculturist (forest expert) who was brought to Adelaide in 1880 to advise on management of the Park Lands.  John E Brown literally wrote the book on trees in the Adelaide Park Lands and beyond.  His 1880 book "A Practical Treatise on Tree Culture in South Australia" was used as a guide by City Council gardeners for decades afterwards. 

It was only in September 2017 that the City Council decided to name this Park after him.

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