Parks 7 and 8


English name:  The Olive Groves

Kaurna names:  Kuntingga (Park 7) and Parngutilla (Park 8)

Features: Historic 19th century olive groves

Bounded by:

  • Kuntingga (Park 7) is bounded by Mann Tce and Robe Tce, north of Melbourne Rd.

  • Parngutilla (Park 8) is bounded by Park Tce & Mann Tce south of Melbourne Rd.

The Olive Groves - Kuntingga (Park 7) and Parngutilla (Park 8)

The Olive Groves - Kuntingga (Park 7) and Parngutilla (Park 8)

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In the very early days of the colony, 1845, horticulturist John Bailey began planting olives on his land at Hackney.  A decade later, in 1856, he was awarded a 500-pound Government contract to plant these and other olive trees, that are now on the South Australian Heritage Register.   

There are still around 300 trees here, and they are still productive, though not commercially.  The City Council grants free permits to pick olives for domestic use.



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