Better Federal environment protection laws

Have you ever wondered how so many attacks can be made on the Park Lands when they have NATIONAL HERITAGE status?

What use is national heritage listing if it can't prevent attacks like the O-Bahn trench in Rymill Park (Park 14) nor the proposed Oval Hotel in Tarntanya Wama (Park 26)?

We have wondered that too. The problem is that Federal environment protection laws are far too weak. That's why APPA has joined a national movement, campaigning for better environment protection laws.

We have joined the Places You Love Alliance. Together with 55 other like-minded organisations across Australia, we are campaigning together for a new generation of national environment laws to:

  • protect and restore our natural environment,

  • strengthen our democracy and

  • support community involvement.

We urge you to join with us, and join not just fellow supporters of the Adelaide Park Lands, but a much larger movement of over 1.5 million people who are fighting to preserve our wildlife, ecosystems and a safe climate for our generation and future generations.

Together, APPA and the many others in the Places You Love Alliance are demanding strong nature laws that actually protect our natural environment and conserve our biodiversity.

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