Crows to build administration in Park 2?

Crows Park 2.jpg

The Adelaide City Council has delivered the Adelaide Crows a secret set of guidelines to maximise the chances that the multi-million dollar sports franchise can establish a new "training and administration" base in Denise Norton Park / Pardipardinyilla (Park 2)

The Council has refused to release details of what it's given the Crows. Councillors voted on Tuesday 9 April NOT to consult the public until after the Crows have heavily invested in drawing up glossy plans for their desired corporate takeover.

Only three Councillors (Anne Moran, Phillip Martin and Robert Simms) voted to ask the public for their views. The others believed that the matter should remain secret until the Crows have drawn up their plans.

Adelaide Football Club CEO Andrew Fagan says the club wants to build, on Park Lands, new "training and administration headquarters". He's welcomed $15 million that's been offered by the outgoing Federal Coalition Government, and matched by Labor.

The Crows desired site currently hosts the Adelaide Aquatic Centre, and sports grounds used by Blackfriars Priory College and other community and casual groups.

The Aquatic Centre is well known to be a drain on the City Council’s finances. It loses $700,000 per year. What’s more it requires major refurbishment or repairs. Options include spending $3 million to $5 million on short-term repairs or between $10 million to $15 million for a major overhaul. (Subscriber-only link to ‘Adelaide Now’ story)

There is a Park Lands Management Strategy, endorsed by both the Council and the State Government. No part of that strategy envisages a multi-million dollar sports franchise having its administration headquarters in Park 2.

However according to the City Council it will be assessing the Crows "unsolicited bid" eventually, to see whether it is "legally, technically and financially feasible."

In the meantime, the Council is not willing to discuss with the public whether it should even be entertaining a bid for a corporate takeover of Park Lands.