Crows to rebuild Aquatic centre?

Aquatic 1600.jpg

The Adelaide City Council freely admits its staff have been in discussions with management of the Adelaide Crows about the possibility of the AFL club taking over this site in Denise Norton Park / Pardipardinyilla (Park 2) (Subscriber-only link to ‘Adelaide Now’ story)

It’s early days, and nothing has been agreed or decided upon, but the Aquatic Centre is well known to be a drain on the City Council’s finances. It loses $700,000 per year. What’s more it requires major refurbishment or repairs. Options include spending $3 million to $5 million on short-term repairs or between $10 million to $15 million for a major overhaul. (Subscriber-only link to ‘Adelaide Now’ story)

Adelaide Crows management has confirmed it’s been in discussions with City Council staff about the possibility of taking over the site for a so-called “community and sports centre”.

There is no detail about how such a centre would operate, who would be admitted, for what prices, and how much of the site, if any, would be available for non-members i.e. the public.

There are also questions about the extent to which the Crows might be wanting to take over one or more of the four adjacent sporting fields in Denise Norton Park / Pardipardinyilla (Park 2). The Ovals are licenced to Blackfriars Priory College.

We may be cynical but we fear the worst. Money talks, and the Adelaide Crows have the financial resources to make the Council an offer that it might not be able to resist.