You can make a difference. Here are 11 things you can do to help save the Adelaide Park Lands for future generations.



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In 2018, the newly-elected Liberal Government is threatening to hand over various parts of the old RAH site to developers for a range of private commercial interests:

  • a five-star luxury hotel;
  • a so-called "innovation, incubator, start-up and growth hub"; and
  • an "international centre for tourism, hospitality and food service".

Whether you want the site returned entirely to Park Lands, or whether you support some new public buildings on the site, there is a fundamental principle at stake; a line in the sand that must not be crossed by any State Government.

If any new buildings replace the old RAH, this public land (Park Lands) should not be commercialised or privatised. It cannot be merely exploited for private profit. It must remain in public hands, for public (not private) benefit.


Sign the petition to Steven Marshall here:


Get your photos of the Park Lands into our Gallery.  By sharing your love of the Park Lands, through your camera, you will be inspiring others to love and protect them too.

Email any of your favourite Park Lands photos to  We can credit you as the photographer if you like, or you can stay anonymous if you prefer.


4. WATCH & share OUR VIDEOs

Adelaide - you need VIBRANCY!   And we can sell it to you!

This is just one of more than a dozen videos on APPA'S YouTube "channel".  We are compiling a video record of the Park Lands with a new video every month, featuring each Park within the Park Lands, in numerical order.  Please share this video link on your Facebook page, and/or other social media, or email the video link to your friends, relatives, workmates etc.



Anything you can spare will help us spread the message.  We are bound to use the money only for our "Objectives" in our Constitution.



Annual membership starts at $25 (single adult) or $15 (concession).


 APPA's inaugural Park Ambassadors.  From left: Rose Wight (Park 16, Victoria Park/Pakapakanthi); Marisha Matthews (Park 18, Wita Wirra); Shane Sody (Park 6, Nantu Wama); Trish Russell (Park 5, Ngampa Yarta); and Hero Weston (Park 13, Rundle Park/Kadlitpina).

APPA's inaugural Park Ambassadors.  From left: Rose Wight (Park 16, Victoria Park/Pakapakanthi); Marisha Matthews (Park 18, Wita Wirra); Shane Sody (Park 6, Nantu Wama); Trish Russell (Park 5, Ngampa Yarta); and Hero Weston (Park 13, Rundle Park/Kadlitpina).

APPA has appointed a number of Park Ambassadors - for some of the 30 named Parks, and we want to appoint more.

Just nominate your favourite Park or Parks (or a Square) that you regularly go to, and you can become the APPA "go to" person for that place.   Since you already love "your" Park, your role will be easy.  You'll be asked to:

  • visit once a month and report (through the e-Gazette editor) on anything good or bad (maybe just the changing of the seasons) that's noticeable in "your" Park;
  • take photos of "your" Park - and submit the best (just one per month) for publication as APPA's Photo of the Day soon afterwards;
  • just once per year, offer to take others on a scheduled walking tour of "your" park, pointing out highlights.  If you don't have a preference for any particular Park, we can assign you to one for which the Guided Walk notes have already been prepared.

To join the team, email 



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Mere "clicktivism" is OK as far as it goes, but it's not enough, on its own, to achieve Park Lands protection.   It's even better to have you, our supporter, putting well-chosen arguments, facts and figures before the City Council, the State Government or the wider public.


APPA always welcomes supporters writing:

If you're stuck for words, you'll find the material on our Fictions and Facts page is a great resource for rebutting Park Lands misconceptions, or providing context.



  1. Are you a good networker?   We could use your assistance to link APPA with other organisations.
  2. Can you read a map?  We could use your help to update Google Maps with correct Park Lands names and pictures.
  3. Can you raise funds?  APPA could do with your support on a revenue sub-committee.
  4. Do you have school-aged children?  We would love to have parents getting their children's teachers and classmates interested in Adelaide's unique heritage.
  5. Are you an Arts student at university?  Perhaps you could set your sights on a Masters thesis, updating the history of the Park Lands.
  6. Are you a trivia buff?  Or a function organiser?  APPA would love your assistance to organise an annual quiz night.

If any of these roles (or other special talents of yours) could help APPA, please email us:



There are always ongoing campaigns to protect whatever parts of the Park Lands are currently under threat.   Visit our 'current issues' page for more ideas.