Since 1987, we have led the effort to preserve, protect and restore Adelaide's irreplaceable garland of Park Lands.



The Adelaide Park Lands Preservation Association Inc (APPA) was founded in 1987 as a non-profit community based ‘watchdog’ to guard Adelaide’s greatest treasure: the unique open spaces of its Park Lands, which include the city squares.

APPA offers a focal point for South Australians to help in the preservation and restoration of Colonel Light’s visionary gift.

Historically, the Park Lands have been an irresistible temptation to our city and state governments, which have, in places, alienated and despoiled the land.    It is a constant battle to prevent the creeping loss of open space to buildings, fences and bitumen.   As The Advertiser columnist Rex Jory puts it, Governments nibble away at Park Lands "like mice nibbling away at cheese."

These issues have been a problem since 1837, and they remain so today despite the Adelaide Park Lands Act 2005 and our proudest achievement, securing in 2008 one of our Objectives:  National Heritage listing.

APPA monitors government planning and actions, and does not hesitate to speak out on behalf of all South Australians when the Park Lands are at risk.

Apart from our current campaigns, we have four ongoing activities designed to focus community attention on, and raise awareness of the rarity, beauty and world importance of the Adelaide Park Lands.  These regular activities are:

We offer some simple truths about the Park Lands to combat many of the popular misconceptions about them.  Most importantly,  we urge you to help us, and offer 11 suggestions for your involvement.

We are also a member organisation of the Places You Love Alliance the biggest-ever collaboration between Australian environment groups.

These are our Objectives, as stated in our Constitution:

The Adelaide Park Lands Preservation Association is committed to a vision of preserving and, where possible, restoring the Adelaide Park Lands as the pre-eminent green open space precincts, surrounding the City of Adelaide, to continue providing the public with freely accessible areas for open-air recreation and environmental benefit.

B) The Objectives of the Association are to ensure that:

  1. the Park Lands are reserved as a place for public recreation, leisure and enjoyment;

  2. the public, so far as practicable, has free and unrestricted access to and use of the Park Lands;

  3. the Park Lands are preserved and maintained to give priority to biodiversity, including gardens, grassland, water, wetlands, trees and other vegetation rather than buildings, fences or artificial surfaces;

  4. alienated areas of the Park Lands are restored to Park Lands

  5. the open space character of the Park Lands as a place dividing the City of Adelaide from the suburbs is preserved;

  6. the Park Lands are preserved and maintained in a manner that enhances their special place in the design of the City of Adelaide;

  7. the amenity of the Park Lands is not impaired by inappropriate development on Park Lands;

  8. the Park Lands are included and maintained on State, National and World Heritage lists.