State Heritage Assessment of Park Lands - tainted

Eight years after APPA asked the State Government to "urgently" consider State Heritage Listing for the Adelaide Park Lands, someone is now, finally, looking seriously at doing just that.

The Park Lands received National Heritage Listing in 2008 so it was a no-brainer (back in 2009) that we would ask the State Heritage Council to consider whether SA should follow the Federal Government's lead and declare that the Park Lands are worthy of "heritage" recognition.

State (and World) Heritage listing of the Park Lands is among APPA's key 'Objectives' in our Constitution.

We're not sure why it's taken so long, but a State "heritage assessment" of the Adelaide Park Lands and City Squares finally began in April 2017.  However, the State Heritage Unit within the Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources (DEWNR) appointed a consultant firm that was beset with multiple conflicts of interest.  


Dash Architects by its own admission, has been recently working to alienate parts of the Park Lands on behalf of several clients.

APPA urged DEWNR to re-start the process with a consultant that was not being paid to jeopardise any part of the Park Lands.

Our objections were ignored and the process continued despite the obvious conflict of interest.  The timeline, to determine whether the Park Lands are entered on the State Heritage Register has been underway for many months.  There was:

  •     until September 2017, a chance to give your input to a State Government website, via survey and a discussion. 
  •     a report from the heritage consultant - originally expected in 2017 but delivered in mid-2018 (although it will not be publicly released until after it has been considered by the Heritage Council);
  •     "provisional" listing would follow; perhaps by late 2018.  
  •     Then another three-month period of public consultation would follow before;
  •     the listing could be "confirmed" presumably by mid-019.

The final decision will be made by the ten-member State Heritage Council.