More Park Lands lost off Frome Road

Immediately after the vandalism of Rundle Park and Rymill Park began in April 2016 for construction of the O-Bahn covered trench,the former Labor State Government announced its next target:   destroying what little remained of the Park Lands along the eastern side of Frome Road.

This is what existed next to the Reid building early in 2017 before Government-authorised chainaws got to work:


Letters from APPA and our supporters to then-Education Minister Susan Close were disregarded.

The site is now a construction zone, and a seven-storey building is being erected on this part of Park 11.


The former Government's blatant disregard of the Park Lands shocked at least one Adelaide City Councillor.

Earlier, APPA lodged a submission with the Adelaide City Council.   Our summary: 

The State Government has not provided convincing information that could be the basis for support for a new high school on the Park Lands. It is a long way from that: there are so many gaps and risks in the proposal as it stands. If the government wishes to pursue this harebrained project, it needs to produce a fully documented justification that addresses at least, the omissions and inadequacies identified in this submission.

Read the full submission here

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