The old RAH site

On Tuesday 19 September 2017, with one eye on a looming State election, the former Labor State Government walked away from a threat to allow 17-storeys of private apartments to be build on the Park Lands site of the old RAH.

This was something on which APPA and many others had been campaigning for more than a year.  31 eminent South Australians (and the City Council) had joined a loud chorus telling the State Government that private residential development on Park Lands would have been a "gross breach of trust." 

The Government did not change its mind because of any sudden realisation that Adelaide's Park Lands are priceless.   No, in former Premier Jay Weatherill's own words, the offer on the table from private developers was simply too low:

“It’s just not value for money for us … for what is the premium site in all of South Australia.”

So, although APPA welcomes the removal of high-rise apartments from future discussions, it's obvious that we still have more work to do, to persuade politicians that the Park Lands are not simply vacant land being held for the future benefit of commercial developers.

Sadly, the new Liberal State Government has designs for even more commercial interests on the site:

  • a five-star luxury hotel;

  • a so-called "innovation, incubator, start-up and growth hub"; and

  • an "international centre for tourism, hospitality and food service".


If you think Adelaide can do better than this, then TAKE ACTION!