'Take Action #10 - "Put your skills to good use"



  1. Are you a good networker?   We could use your assistance to link APPA with other organisations.
  2. Can you read a map?  We could use your help to update Google Maps with correct Park Lands names and pictures.
  3. Can you raise funds?  APPA could do with your support on a revenue sub-committee.
  4. Do you have school-aged children?  We would love to have parents getting their children's teachers and classmates interested in Adelaide's unique heritage.
  5. Are you an Arts student at university?  Perhaps you could set your sights on a Masters thesis, updating the history of the Park Lands.
  6. Are you a trivia buff?  Or a function organiser?  APPA would love your assistance to organise an annual quiz night.

If any of these roles (or other special talents of yours) could help APPA, please email us: secretary@adelaide-parklands.asn.au