Stealing Helen Mayo Park for private profit

Before it was swept from power in the March 2018 State election, the former State Government was planning to keep obliterating what little remains of Park 27 between North Terrace and the River Torrens.  It was determined to sell Park Lands and it did NOT want the City Council getting in the way of its latest plans, such as the picture above.

The chief State bureaucrat in charge of corporatising the Park Lands said that the Council should have NO say in what gets built on the Torrens Riverbank:

Accordingly, the former Investment and Trade Minister in the outgoing Government Martin Hamilton-Smith in January 2018 was brazenly offering international investors the opportunity to take away yet another part of your Park Lands heritage.  All they needed to do, he said, was to stump up enough money for a suitably large commercial hotel, such as the artist's impression above.

The former Minister's News Release (now erased from the web)  failed to even acknowledge that this land is held on trust for the public of South Australia, and subject to the Adelaide Park Lands Act 2005. 

It remains to be seen whether the new Liberal State Government will pursue this proposed Park Lands heist.

Hotel riverside.jpg

If you think Adelaide can do better than this, then TAKE ACTION!