Stealing Helen Mayo Park for private profit

Proposals for a huge new hotel in Helen Mayo Park (part of Park 27) have become an issue in the October 2018 Adelaide City Council election.

The artist’s impression below was released in January 2018 by a Minister in the former State Labor Government. At that time, the former Investment and Trade Minister Martin Hamilton-Smith was brazenly offering international investors the opportunity to take away yet another part of your Park Lands heritage.  All they needed to do, he said, was to stump up enough money for a suitably large commercial hotel, such as this:

Hotel riverside.jpg

The new Liberal State Government has not (so far) pursued this proposed Park Lands heist.  But the Lord Mayor, Martin Haese appears to have taken up the campaign to sell the proposal to international investors.

During a mission to Singapore in July 2018, the Lord Mayor presented a glossy 32-page brochure "Adelaide Investment Prospectus".  The "Prospectus" bearing the logo of the "City of Adelaide" identifies this as a proposal for Helen Mayo Park:


Such a proposal has NOT been considered by the City Council.  Ironically in 2017 the Lord Mayor and a majority of City Councillors wanted to have a commercial helipad on exactly the same site, in Helen Mayo Park (part of Park 27).  However, neither a helipad nor a hotel is consistent with the management plans for this Park.

One of the candidates for election to the City Council, APPA Committee member Stephanie Johnston, is now campaigning to head off the threat to Helen Mayo Park. Read the story here.

If you think Adelaide can do better than this, then TAKE ACTION!