New Stadium

Serious plans are being drawn up to shift the Adelaide Entertainment Centre and other venues onto Park Lands.

The Advertiser reported on Saturday 15 September 2018 ($) that planning was well advanced to combine a new Entertainment Centre with a multi-purpose sports stadium, on the south-east corner of Possum Park / Pirltawardli (Park 1).  The proposal had the backing of former Liberal Premier John Olsen.  According to The Advertiser:

"it is understood the business case has been commissioned by the Adelaide Venue Management Corporation, which operates the Entertainment Centre, Convention Centre and Hindmarsh Stadium"

Location for a proposed new stadium on Park 1, as identified in The Advertiser   .

Location for a proposed new stadium on Park 1, as identified in The Advertiser.

Repeated Park Lands losses were once characterised as like "mice nibbling away at cheese".   However the recent attacks seem more like a debaucherous feast with participants devouring whatever is available, while it lasts.

The rate of Park Lands loss seems set to ratchet up exponentially unless the public can be alerted to save what's really precious and priceless.

The previous Weatherill Labor Government sacrificed Park Lands to build a "Biomedical Precinct".  This new proposal unfortunately seems consistent with moves by the Marshall Government to turn the River Torrens area into an "Entertainment Precinct". 

Attempting to emulate the infrastructure of other cities by discarding parts of our priceless and world-unique asset is a short-sighted and self-defeating exercise.

The former Adelaide Lord Mayor, Martin Haese last year threw his support behind an alternative site - still on Park Lands but with less impact on existing green spaces.

This is an artist's impression, published in The Advertiser on 9 October 2018 ($) of former Lord Mayor Martin Haese's preferred site for a new Adelaide Arena.


The site would be partially over the top of railway lines, but would also partially overlap Helen Mayo Park (Park 27).

Ironically this is right alongside the site targeted by the CIty Council in 2017 for a proposed commercial helipad, and also recently mooted as the site for a proposed 27-storey hotel.


Recent publicity has characterised something like the artist’s impression above as being “inevitable” for Park 27.

Perhaps someone might like to propose something different for Helen Mayo Park - something like, well, a Park?  

Notice from the two artworks above how little green space remains between North Terrace and the River Torrens!

Unlike any of the other suggestions, reclaiming all of Helen Mayo Park for public access would actually be consistent with the Adelaide Park Lands Act 2005 and management plans for Park 27.

If you think Adelaide can do better than this, then TAKE ACTION!