Park 17

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English name:  Carriageway Park

Kaurna name:  Tuthangga (meaning "grass place")


  • a carriageway of historic elm trees, dating from the late 1870's, that form a gentle arc through the centre of the Park;
  • several sporting fields;
  • tennis courts;
  • the South Park Lands Creek;
  • two croquet club grounds;
  • site of a former 1881 partially-undergrounded water reservoir; and
  • a 'Trees for Life' bush care site featuring native grass re-vegetation

Bounded byGreenhill Road, Beaumont Road, South Terrace and Hutt Road.

   Carriageway Park / Tuthangga (Park 17)

Carriageway Park / Tuthangga (Park 17)

See APPA's Park 17 photo album:

   Carriageway Park / Tuthangga (Park 17)

Carriageway Park / Tuthangga (Park 17)

This Park has been known as Park 17 since at least 1895.  Its two names – 'Carriageway Park' and 'Tuthangga' are much more recent.  The Kaurna name Tuthangga was assigned by the City Council in 2002. The title "Carriageway Park" was informally used in the 19th century, but was officially assigned to the Park only as recently as September 2017.

It is 31.6 hectares in size, making up approximately 4% of the Adelaide Park Lands.

Odd fact:  the small corner triangle, south of Glen Osmond Road was historically known as Park 17A.


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