Park 19

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English name:  Pelzer Park

Kaurna name:  Pityarilla (meaning "marshmallow root place")


  • Marshmallow playground, and Oxbow playspace

  • BBQ, picnic facilities, toilets

  • a green, natural amphiteatre (picnic spot);

  • fenced dog park;

  • tennis / basketball court

  • three sporting fielda;

  • native vegetation, and

  • the South Park Lands Creek.

Bounded byGlen Osmond Road, Unley Road, Greenhill Road and Hutt Road

  Pelzer Park / Pityarilla (Park 19)

Pelzer Park / Pityarilla (Park 19)

  Pelzer Park / Pityarilla (Park 19)

Pelzer Park / Pityarilla (Park 19)

This Park is 23 hectares in size.  In 2017-18 the area bordering Glen Osmond Road received a multi-million dollar facelift, jointly funded by both the State Government and the City Council.

New facilities added in this time included a paved 'plaza', two revamped children';s playspaces and a new fenced dog park, modelled on the successful dog park in Park 5.

The park is named for August Pelzer who was Adelaide‚Äôs city gardener from 1899 to 1932.  His influence is evident in thousands of plantings not only in this Park, but throughout the Park Lands.

Odd fact:  Historians have argued that the small corner triangle of land east of Hutt Road should be included as part of Park 19, but the City Council prefers to limit Park 19's eastern boundary to Hutt Road.

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